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Uncover a renewed sense of healthy sitting with our Ergoboy. It embodies sustainability, ergonomic design, and customizable options. Drawing inspiration from modern, timeless aesthetics and crafted from premium materials, it effortlessly integrates into elegant, minimalist living spaces. Each Ergoboy encapsulates our passion and unwavering dedication invested in its development and perfection.

Nature & flexibility

Our interaction with nature and urban space is characterised by flexibility. When seated, we effortlessly adjust to varying heights, move, stretch, or lean, engaging in a range of movements that naturally support and train our muscles.

Ergoboy not only encourages but also inspires this innate behavior. With its rotation function, it activates the deep-lying back muscles, contributing to the stability of our spine. At the same time, it opens up new possibilities for freedom of movement. The forward and backward tilted sitting positions, coupled with the individually adjustable swivel function, allow for a comfortable posture while seated. Additionally, when standing, a foot ring can be utilized to stimulate the calf muscles.

Ralf Julius - Managing Director

About Ergoboy

"Our story began with a vision to revolutionise the seating experience and create ergonomic chairs. Each of our chairs embodies our philosophy of comfort, functionality and customisation.

We offer a wide range of Ergoboy chairs for offices and homes that promote a healthier sitting posture and enhance your well-being. Our history is characterised by innovation, quality and the pursuit of excellence. Ergoboy is more than just a chair; it's a lifestyle that positively influences the way you sit and work, and we are continuously working to make your sitting experience even better."

Why Ergoboy?

Ergoboy ensures a healthy sitting posture in every position, actively promoting natural movements. Unlike conventional office chairs that primarily engage surface muscles, Ergoboy's unique feature of allowing the upper body to rotate freely activates not only surface muscles but also the deep muscles that play a crucial role in stabilizing our spine.

Moreover, Ergoboy introduces a new dimension of freedom in pelvic movement while sitting and provides benefits for calf muscles through the use of the foot ring. This dynamic support has been validated by the German Sport University Cologne, affirming that Ergoboy's design, supporting both standing and sitting, enhances metabolism and fosters improved care of the associated musculoskeletal structures.

93.5% of our components are manufactured in Germany, emphasizing our commitment to local production. Additionally, 97.7% of the parts are fully recyclable, aligning with our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our sustainable production practices not only result in a low carbon footprint but also contribute to the ongoing megatrend of sustainability. By prioritizing ethical consumer choices, we aim to meet socio-cultural and environmental aspirations, fostering a positive impact on both society and the planet.

Stand-sit-support dynamics

We offer a frequent change of sitting position. According to the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), prolonged sitting and standing are considered unhealthy postures. We have therefore developed a chair system that supports frequent changes of posture. This enables a new and dynamic approach compared to static positions.

By using our chair in combination with a height-adjustable table, you create optimal working conditions and a flexible working basis to keep moving.

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